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About Crocfarm

Accurate record keeping is an integral part of any livestock management system. But keeping thousands of reptiles in close proximity to each other makes individual record keeping impossible.

Using subcutaneous RFID chips in combination with our software products can turn your unidentified animals into numbered individuals without any visible tagging or skin damage. This allows for the accurate recording of growth, health, skin condition and movements which can be viewed in report form through either the web or mobile apps.

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Basic Work Flow

Set up your farm

Before you start using the mobile app, you need to set up your farm details with our web app. Here you will define items like:
* Farms, blocks and pens - including area sizes
* Types of skin damage
* Diseases that you encounter on your farm
* Causes of mortalities

Chip and register animals

Using our sub-cutaneous RFID implants and bluetooth enabled RFID readers you can register each animal into your Crocfarm database. Once an animal is registered its records are accessible from both the web and mobile apps.

Conduct subsequent activities

After registering an animal, our mobile app allows you to conduct any of the following activities to add data to the animal's record:
* Physical inspections to record growth and condition
* Moving animals between farms or enclosures
* Culling animals or grading skins
* Record disease and mortalities
* Record feed wastage

Compile, view and share data reports

Our software gives you intuitive access to your collected data. Display, print and share health, growth and movement histories of individual animals or groups of animals.

Enjoy additional functionality

Crocfarm Software Suite offers additional functionality that streamlines the overall management of your farm. We included:
* Notifications - select which users receive real-time notifications with detected disease or mortalities
* Communicate with your staff - send reccomendations to pen attendants and see when communications were received and acknowledged
* Stores management - know what you have in your consumables stores and get notified automatically when running low

RFID Chipping


Please contact our support team to sign up.

Commercial Tier


Per RFID Per Month **

  • Link Tablets Unlimited
  • User Accounts Unlimited
  • Web App Free Updates
  • Mobile App v2.0.0 with future updates
  • Technical Support Free Access
Contact us to sign up

** Monthly charge for Commercial Tier is per chipped and active animal in your database. Culled and dead animals are excluded.

Sign Up and Download!

If you would like to sign up to use the Crocfarm Software Suite, please get in touch with the AgriSense support team. If you have already signed up you can proceed to download our Android app below.